vineri, 10 ianuarie 2014

Stupid girl.

I was thinking I am more than this, but I'm not. I thought I am a special one. He's just a man, what the hell I was thinking about? He has a nice masque... and well, I'm just invited at his Halloween party... Or maybe we're in Venice... We would like to have a masque all the time... And seems that I forgot mine home, but I realized it just when I went outside the castle to breath some fresh air. Of course, something died inside of me... that little baby that was trying to grow... and to make me feel alive, because of 'him'. Oh well, I never wanted a baby. Why would I want one now? Inside of me it's now the same cold as always. Let's just smile. And the lesson? Well... I'm a big big fool... I knew this even before, but now I'm pretty sure that it isn't just an impression. I was just fascinated about his smile... his words... his moves, his everything... especially his voice and his mind. Oh well... He knows that he can play with me, and probably he's proud. Hey you, let's show the entire world that you can do it! You're stronger than he thinks. You're stronger even than you thought. Believe me. The Venice Carnaval is not held every day for ever. And... seems like this night it just ended. Welcome back!

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