luni, 6 ianuarie 2014

Morning feeling vs evening feeling.

"Spun că nu vreau să depind de nimeni, dar mă leg.
Spun că nu-mi pasă, dar eu îmi fac program după el.
Spun că vreau să mă caute, dar mă găsește disponibilă oricând se arată.
Wake up!"


"I will uninstall the game", he said...
"We will talk again in April", he said...
"Well... i will have to forget about my free time", he said....
"You owe me a walk, next time.... maybe in June", he said...
"I have to focus on the work now", he said...

And still... she wasn't afraid... and neither she is now. She knows that he will be right there. And once again he promised her something... "See you tomorrow. Good night." She smiled and she went to sleep.
She knows that she can be independent even if she is crazy about him.
This time, he sent her a message searching for her. And she's proud. Today, she was better than she was yesterday. And Tomorrow, she will be better than today. And well, in a year since now, she will be far far away from here.

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