duminică, 15 septembrie 2013

Dear you, hello again,

I remember that night. The night we were together, of course, with others, but... it was important that you were there... near me. I will never forget that night, those feelings, that behavior, your hands. everything. 
The fact is that if it must happen, i promise i will be ready for you. Now i'm trying to change myself. I'm trying to be a better person. And if it's like you will be mine, well, i'm doing my best to be ready. 
So, take your time, and if it's like to happen, well, i will be the happiest child.... And yes, maybe i must change this thing, i have to be mature, and to know what to do when and how. 

So... maybe one day this will seem stupid, but... those are my feelings right now. 
And if it's not meant to be, i want a boy at least so brave as you. Nice target, ha? 

Let's see...

P.s. Everything i do, is thanks to you. I know i said this before... but you changed my life... 

                                                                 To be continued... 

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