luni, 27 mai 2013

because of you...

when i'm afraid, i have wrong reactions. maybe you are wondering for what i'm afraid. well, i've always been afraid to lose people who i love. so, this is the answer. i felt afraid to realize that you, especially you, will leave in a few days. yea, of course, this can't be a "goodbye" because we will see each other, i'm sure. the thing is that we spent a lot of time together and i will miss that. maybe i become a drama queen, but you asked me to tell you what's wrong... so, this is it.
i almost hated myself in the moment i saw your face when we said to you that we have to leave. maybe i hurt you for the moment and i'm sorry for that...
i have to change a lot of things in my attitude...
so, here it is... i think this is my first post in tottaly english, maybe i had some mistakes... and i don't know yet if i will show you... but, thank you so much for everything... it was one of my best month ever, thank to you. i really think that i can't tell you face to face what you mean for me, so, maybe here is the best place to tell you this.
and finally, if you read this... you must to promise me that you will show this blog to nobody.

p.s. if i will become a better person, that will be because of you.

¡gracias! R.G.N.

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