miercuri, 17 decembrie 2014


so, one day she sat down on a chair in the mall food court and wait for her friend to bring some drinks. she watched the person that was eating just near her, at the other side of the big table. he ate some chinese food and he had a hat that cover his entire face and he has his face very close to the food. she was very intrigued by that man and watched his hat and his hand until her friend came back.
- look at him. i want chinese food too, she said
- yea, he's strange
- hmmm

after some minutes, the stranger finished his food and took his strange big bag and left. all the eyes turned to him as he was going.

- hmm... everybody is looking at him, she said to her friend curious and distracted
- yea, because he's too classy
and then she saw that nobody was looking at the stranger anymore, just her. and that moment the man took something shiny from his pocket and smiled to her. one second after, the stranger was gone

- time traveler, i knew it, she whisper with big eyes
- what did you said? asked her friend
- t.. tiime... uh... time to go

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